2023 - Q1 - Governance Concerns

In an effort to curate all the concerns of the community regarding the current state of Athens governance and its use within the StormX ecosystem, I decided to start this thread. My goal is to have the community raise their concerns in this one place. While many concerns have been raised in Discord, it is difficult to keep the timeline of Discord clean, relative to this specific topic. I’m asking that community members please submit their concerns on this thread so that I can have a focused location where I can direct team members to read the concerns regarding governance.

Im sure ill write more in following comments but for now ill just submit some thoughts.

Gov calls -
while the team needs to be there, we need to have a poll or multiple time frames. If not, maybe a question submission form (on here or google forms). Seems super easy to do both of these, lets do something.

Athens voting involvement -
I’ve eluded to this before.
When the team decides to do something new, they decide. Thats fine. We all like stormx, trust the team. That being said, there is this thing called governance. If the team decides to release a feature, a ideal situation in regards to governance would be to inquire some potential paths with athens holders.

Example : team releases sports bettings. Team decides to fund the rewards with the new money we voted on. The rewards for betting could have been voted on.

In this regard, the team still gets to release the sports betting, and the team gets to dictate the potential rewards that we vote on. The team has full control of all outcomes, but athens holders get a sense of involvement.

Tangent: providing more voting creates a history of functionality within athens, allows the ream to learn do’s and dont’s. A new user looking to join athens governance is more likely to get invovled if they see a history of governance. Its been like what a year? And we’ve had 3 votes or so. I think smaller less susbtantial voting is good along with the larger ones.

Anyways ive become busy right now ill write more later as i do have other things to say


Well I don’t know this is an irony or somehow after stopping to actively follow the project(read Emails & announcements in Discord) I get exactly this topic in my mailbox for STMX Summary. :smiley:

Now I don’t think it’s fair to comment too much on what exactly happened since I’m not too well informed but I can’t stop laughing that after almost 4-5 months of me not following the projects the same problems and tendencies with governance are still here (reading JBG’s post).

Short still open I guess and sincerely I do kind of hope you guys prove me wrong but till then GL!

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