Finding a Joint Project do to Defi with STMX/ATH

This is more of a discussion oriented topic, But it is a topic that should be discussed.

With the cashback system being optimized pretty well, ATH launched, and the debit done with alpha-testing, I believe we should consider other earning opportunities for STMX/ATH holders.

Now, i have no provider in mind, but Defi-Farming websites normally look for projects to be on there websites, to pair with there token, and normally that token is also offered as a reward.

example : Xyz website, pair STMX/xyz and earn Xyz as a reward.

Now this generally is beneficial to the Liquidity provider/farmer, and the xyz website / liquidity routing on xyz.
But if we(the team) finds a good project (vetted, doxxed, aspiring use-case) we could offer that project a token reward program on the STMX app.

I.e ; rewards/cashback paid in xyz token. Kind of making it a big circle. In another thread we are talking about spinning up a node for passive income, this could be apart of that. run a xyz node, have user deposited STMX/ATH on the xyz website, and offer xyz as a reward option - both on the app and potentially as a debit card reward.

Simon and the team have been in this space for awhile, they might have some insider awareness for some upcoming projects. It could all be beneficial inside baseball.

how do you feel about this?
Disclaimer; xyz token is not a real coin i was using it as a generic placeholder.

Hey Planet67,

I love this way of thinking and think we should always encourage this! Something I am really curious about is if you have a specific example of this!
Personally, I like these things a lot, but something to keep in mind is that a lot of our users are not technically orientated. Everything we do, we want to make it accessible for most people.

I would love to explore this and see if there are ways we can utilize this or come up with an awesome idea to start using this!

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Well, im a bit tired but here goes.

I defintly don’t recomemd using this specific dex, but as an example its just what comes to mind first.

Most dexs have pool your own LP right?
Like if i made JGBdex, and it supported erc20 tokens, anyone could go to jgbdex and pair STMX with ETH for example.

There wouldn’t be any incentive outside of the usual 0.3% LP fees split between. Now if its a smaller project, looking to bring new users to the dex it makes the most sense. ( this is where hopefully simon and the team know some upcoming dexs)

This dex wants users to trade, if enough LP goes to the stmx/eth pool, the upcoming dex could be contacted and asked if they want to offer farming reward for that LP pool.

STMX would be on a unqiue position where it could offer the LP reward token as a stmx cash out reward. (Similar to how we do btc/eth/dai/doge)

Anyways, i was using a dex called wanswap on a evm compatible chain, it was always fighting for users and never got past 50m TVL. Pairs thet were bigger or could potentially bring in new users (xrp/doge/bnb/ftm, it was a cross chain dex) were rewarded with farming rewards. The more TVL in the pair, the higher the rewards would be adjusted too.

Back to the idea board below :point_down:
You find a new upcomigng dex pre-token launch.
You sit down with there COO. They bring their coin to the STMX app rewards as utility **. They offer their token for rewards via LP farming a stmx/xyz and/or ATH/XYZ pair.

Users then can earn money from there ATH/STMX without costing the StormX staking or ATH staking pools money. Thus increasing apy.

If the debit allows you to pay with stmx tokens, you could offer the new xyz token that LP depositers are earning, is also usable to buy stuff. Thus users can depoait STMX or ATH, earn XYZ . Deposit XYZ to the storm debit card, buy things with it. Then earn STMX as cashback.

I think ill have to write it up or talk to your drievtly when i wake up as i havent got much sleep. Also my phones autocorrect isn’t working here either.