Making a track/music video about StormX

Hello StormX community! I am a rapper (Koresh Tony) and would like to offer my services to create audio/video content for you. What can I do: record a hip-hop track about STMX or shoot a video clip, thereby creating unique content and helping to popularize the token. I have already worked with various cryptocurrency communities (Dash, Peercoin, etc.), so as an example, you can check out the content on my YouTube channel:

If you are interested in my offer, then contact me PM, where I can show you some finished tracks and we can agree on everything.

My Telegram: @koresh_tony

As I saw some of your content and thought about your request, I had a few questions:

  1. Which languages/markets would your content be targeted for?
  2. Would your content be free of copyright issues? I saw some other content that seemed to sample music that is copyrighted. This could present issues.
  3. Who would own the content you would produce?
  4. How do you envision any content you produce being able to return value to the StormX community? How successful has your other work for other projects been in producing value for the community/project?

Just an FYI that if the community decides to support you and your proposal, we’ll have to go through the discussion process on this platform so the community can dialogue back and forth and if it gets to the point where it seems like there is community consensus, then we would ask for a formal proposal to be made and we could discuss it directly with the team.

Thank you for your interest in my proposal. Let me answer these questions.

  1. My content will be aimed at an English-speaking audience (the track will be completely in English). I already have ready-made tracks in English, which I am ready to share on Discord or Telegram.

  2. I work with freely available instrumentals, as well as with author’s music: I have a professional beatmaker, which makes music personally for me to order. I am also ready to share examples of original tracks, there will be no problems related to the license.

  3. After creating the content, I am ready to completely transfer all copyrights to the customer, this is a common practice.

  4. The content that I am creating is advertising and entertainment and does not carry a serious semantic load. Thus, the community gets its own musical theme and video, attracting new potential members of the community, thereby expanding the audience of the project.
    Music/videos are undoubtedly valuable for cryptocurrency communities, allowing you to get a visualized uniqueness, your “trick”.

I am ready to provide you with a detailed cost estimate to understand you what financial costs the community will incur by ordering a track from me. Take a look:

The duration of the track is ~ 2.5 minutes.

  1. The cost of creating an author’s instrumental from my beatmaker will be $200. All copyrights to music are transferred to the customer.
  2. For writing of the text, the time spent on a trip and my part in recording song in the Studio I’m asking $700.
  3. A trip to the recording Studio in St. Petersburg- $525 (this amount includes the purchase of train tickets from my city to St. Petersburg and back ($185); payment of a taxi from the train station to the Studio, payment by taxi from the Studio to the hotel, pay a taxi from the hotel to the train station ($110); hotel ($160); the payment of food and water ($70).
  4. The cost of recording in the studio and mastering the track will cost $120.
    Total - $1545.

The prepayment is $900. After receiving an advance payment, I order an instrumental from a beatmaker and expect to receive a music file within 5-7 days.
As soon as I get an instrumental, I immediately start writing lyrics. This process usually takes 1-3 days.
After the text is written, I will need time to rehearse the track. This stage takes up to 1-2 days.
Then you make the second part of the payment in the amount of the remaining amount and I book a studio, book a hotel, buy train tickets.
Departure takes place within 1-2 days.
A train ride to St. Petersburg will take 16 hours. On the same day I go to the studio and record the material, after which I go to the hotel for the night.
The next day I go back to my hometown and expect a finished track from a sound engineer. This stage takes up to 5 days.
I receive the track and send it to you with the full transfer of all copyrights.

As a total, it takes 14 days (±) to create a track on average. But in practice, it usually takes 10-12 days, I always try to complete the work as soon as possible and transfer quality material to the customer.

After creating the track, I am ready to arrange with you to create a music video using this song.

I am always open for dialogue and ready to discuss any details and answer all questions, including using a video call, so that you can make sure that I am serious and that I am not a scammer :slight_smile:

I personally am not seeing the value added for this collaboration nor am I comfortable with the payment terms you’ve laid out. Having community content does sound interesting, but $1,545 to be paid in advance for a track that we as community aren’t certain how we’ll be able to leverage to produce a return of that payment is asking too much in my opinion. I’m just one community member however, so I leave it open for others to comment. Also, maybe another community member who is interested is willing to team up with you to explain to the rest of the community how your track would be able to be leveraged to return value to StormX.

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You didn’t read my terms carefully - I’m not asking for the full amount in advance. Using the track later, I could create a music video (check out my YouTube channel for an example). In any case, I am open for communication :wink:

I would like to know more about your process. Would you create the music video without any advice or amendments from the community? So once you make the video it is final, or can we suggest you make changes to it, and would this impact the final costs?

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We can use one of two options: in the first case, the creation of content falls entirely on my shoulders; in the second, I take into account the wishes of the community and we work out the whole scenario in detail together.

Once filming is completed, nothing can be changed. In any case, there is a lot of material, and if one of the options is not to your liking, you can choose other shots.
In addition, we can discuss all the details in advance, so that in the end you can get high-quality content.

Besides, it’s too early to talk about the video until there is an order to create a song. As soon as this work is done, we can immediately start discussing the music video :upside_down_face: