Proposal: Add New Token To Withdrawal List

Lets discuss what token we should add to the withdrawal list in the app next

From what I’ve seen, Dogecoin has been mentioned a fair bit - I think this might be a good addition.

It’s been a pretty well known throughout the crypto industry for quite a while. The network it is on is very cheap in terms of transferring. Simon and Billy (Creator of Dogecoin) have had some good interactions through Twitter.

I’ve also seen some pretty nice stories of local businesses/stores/traders accepting Dogecoin. From the Doge communities I see, they are pretty wholesome and most are shared in the vision to get cryptocurrency to be more mainstream.

I’m happy to hear any arguments against adding it, but from where I stand, it would be a good idea to add this.

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Nice. No argument against Dogecoin.

I think at the end of the day we want to add a token that’s judged based on some criteria we agree on for example:

User Demand or Community Critieria

  • Demand for current StormX users to withdraw into this token (1-10)
  • Overlap with another community causing increase in StormX community (1-10)

Technical Criteria

  • Effort/cost for integration (1-10) erc20 or not
  • Some minimum liquidity required via cefi/defi (hard minimum)

Dogecoin would be good, i agree. I think some heavy hitting protocols would be smart too if at possible.

Some users would wants avax/bsc/polygon/sol/ftm etc.
and dare i say it… xrp (but legal issues )

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I would like to see VGX be added.

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Awesome! So far it sounds like the most interesting coins to add are

  • VGX
  • DOGE
  • AVAX
  • BSC
  • SOL
  • FTM

Not sure how possible it is but would like to add to the list(Technical Criteria):

I personally choose those 2 despite the fact that I’m not interested in these projects is that they have almost cult like and big communities.

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PLU (Pluton), the token used by the Plutus debit card, would be another good one to add. I could see myself using the StormX debit card more often, more so than Plutus, but would still like to accrue PLU to work towards their higher reward tiers to unlock more Perks when I’m not using their card. I think this would be more of a Euro/UK-centric request at the moment!

BAT (Basic Attention Token) would be a good one to add. Finally, we could accrue BAT while not being on our phone or desktop. Another utility coin with the ability to tip publishers on the web and also to be used as currency on web apps, though I believe it’s yet to take wide adoption, certainly a worthwhile investment if it does become more commonplace, in my opinion.

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How about Luna Inu?! (joking lol)

All jokes aside I am a big supporter of adding DOGE, SOL, or AVAX

Alex, would DOGE be an easy one considering it is very similar to BTC and LTC? I’m a bit ignorant on how much effort would be required, but assuming it is very similar to those 2 and knowing that StormX already supports them I just assume it would be relatively simple. please correct me if I’m wrong.

As far as ERC-20’s go I think VGX would be a good idea considering the great relationship between StormX and Voyager, although I’m unsure about how many new users it would attract. That being said if it’s pretty low effort it seems like a no-brainer to just do it anyway.

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