Proposal for StormX Esports Team & Twitch Content to Improve Community Engagement, Brand Awareness, Credibility & User Retention

Hi friends!

I’ve introduced this idea in the official StormX discord channel a few times and we have had our active users agree on this topic. This proposal is introduced with the intent of creating a stronger and actively engaged community beyond current things in place such as Discord. Let’s get started.

What is Discord?

Discord is a popular communication platform that is primarily used by gamers but also used by other communities. It is a freeware VoIP application and digital distribution platform designed for video gaming communities, that specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel. Discord’s features include voice and video chat, file sharing, live streaming, and a wide array of third-party integrations. It also allows users to create and join servers, which are essentially chat rooms for different communities. Discord can be accessed through a web browser or through a dedicated application on a computer or mobile device.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming platform primarily used for video game streaming, but also used for other forms of entertainment such as music, talk shows, and creative content. It is owned by Amazon (wait…our debit card gives cashback on Amazon purchases.…) and was first launched in 2011. Twitch has become one of the most popular websites for streaming and watching video games, with millions of users tuning in to watch their favorite streamers play games and interact with their communities.

First off, statistics shown below reflects data on Discord usage among video gamers, but also reflect that Discord is also gaining usage from non-gamers as the “Never” category has grown to 5%

Link for photo here: Link to chart

You may ask how StormX or the community could benefit from an Esports team. Let me explain.

Having an esports team can provide a crypto company like StormX with several benefits. First, it can help increase brand awareness and visibility for the company. Esports is a rapidly growing industry with a large and dedicated fan base, and by sponsoring or owning an esports team, StormX can reach a wider audience and gain more exposure for its brand.

Second, having an esports team can help StormX build a sense of community and engagement among its customers and fans. Esports fans are often highly passionate and engaged, and by supporting a team, they can feel more connected to the company and its mission.

Finally, having an esports team can also provide StormX with valuable data and insights about its customers and fans. Esports teams often have large followings on social media, and by analyzing this data, StormX can gain a better understanding of its target market and tailor its marketing and business strategies accordingly.

Additional benefits of having an esports team for a crypto company like StormX may include:

  • Increased engagement and customer retention: According to a report by NewZoo, esports fans are more likely to be engaged with and loyal to brands that sponsor or own esports teams. This can lead to higher customer retention rates and more repeat business for StormX.

  • Increased revenue: The esports industry was projected to generate $1.5 billion in revenue in 2020, and was expected to grow to $1.79 billion by 2022. By having a presence in the esports industry through an esports team, StormX can tap into this growing market and potentially increase its revenue.

  • Increased social media engagement: Esports teams often have large followings on social media platforms, and according to a report by We Are Social, the average esports fan spends 8.2 hours per week on social media. By sponsoring or owning an esports team, StormX can increase its engagement on social media and reach a larger audience.

  • Increased website traffic: A report by Hootsuite states that esports events can drive significant amounts of traffic to a website. By having an esports team, StormX can leverage the large audiences that esports events attract and drive more traffic to its website which can lead to more business.

It’s worth noting that the above statistics and metrics are general trends and may not necessarily apply to StormX specifically, but they demonstrate the potential of the esports industry and how a crypto company like StormX can benefit from having an esports team.

The esports team can be utilized as a bridge to bring non-crypto customers to StormX. It’s a great app to introduce people to crypto as it requires no purchase of crypto and newer users can onboard into crypto a bit easier this way.

This proposal is not suggesting to sign a team for $1,000,000 or anything of the sorts. There are hordes of players and teams out there looking to break into the competitive scene or just players that love streaming and interacting with their community. This can accomplished with a small budget, $1000 a month and under, to provide an example.

In regards to Twitch streamers:

StormX can hire streamers on Twitch to represent the company by paying them to promote and use their platform on their streams. This type of advertising, known as influencer marketing, can be highly effective as the streamers have a large and engaged audience who trust their opinions. By having these streamers promote StormX on their streams, it can lead to increased brand awareness and potentially drive more users to the platform. Additionally, having well-known streamers using and promoting the platform can also add credibility and legitimacy to StormX, which can help to attract more users and investors.

According to the statistics and analytics website, Alexa, the top ten countries that use Twitch are:

  1. United States
  2. Germany
  3. Russia
  4. France
  5. Canada
  6. Brazil
  7. United Kingdom
  8. Spain
  9. Italy
  10. Netherlands

*Please note that these statistics are subject to change over time and also depend on the sample size and methodologies of the data collection.

Let me just add……. I would be so excited anytime StormX Esports was competing in anything and I would watch, support and buy StormX Esports swag.


I’d love to get this topic rolling! Let’s hear thoughts from others! :grinning:

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I definitely think that a StormX entry into Esports could be an opportunity, but what I personally am not seeing yet is the HOW an entry into Esports would return value to the StormX community. The team is always able to make an entry into the arena because they’re a centralized entity, but to the extent that we as a community are capable of making an entry on our own, I think we’d need to get this conversation going a bit more and also would need to see an plan of execution. If this entry would be funded from the community wallet to support community projects, it would definitely require a more thorough proposal presenting both how much it would cost, over what time period, and then a plan of execution on how that community esports team would be able to perform in a way that would just justify that community investment over other potential community investments. I’m not mentioning all this to say I’m against this idea, I’m just mentioning this to say that the idea is good in principle, but you, or others in the community collaboratively do need to do some more work to refine and improve the idea.

To clarify, this would not be funded through the community account. as I don’t see it as a community project, I see it as a strategic business move that would potentially benefit StormX but also bring some life into the community. In the past, StormX has hosted some game nights and similar things to boost community engagement but those are scheduled and as everyone knows, scheduling anything for people in different areas of the world, is difficult. With esports, there can be streamers from different countries and a competitive team plays/streams at various times as well, naturally. It would be easier to engage with. I’m U.S and I will say that they discord is often very dry and lonely for me. It’s boring, I’m trying to bring some hype lol… I get responses on discord 12+ hours later, that is almost as slow as an email conversation… With the proposal, active engagement provides an area to have real-time conversations that have value to users as people.

I did provide $1,000 a month to make this happen but that was just an example limit. It could be $500 or $250, or even free.

Maybe I misunderstood the concept of governance. Here’s what the thought was.

  1. Introduce the idea of StormX having an esports team and Twitch streamers.

  2. Let community talk about it.

  3. Discussion gains traction and enough votes.

  4. Proposal gets sent to StormX staff for review and final decision.

  5. If approved, StormX implements the proposal on behalf of the voting system.

To be fair, it is also difficult to write about how specifically this could return value because I, or any other community member do not have access to the relevant information or data to answer that with precision. So it’s generalized a bit.

All-in-all, I see it being extremely low risk for StormX with the potential of low-high rewards, depending on execution. StormX can easily drop an esports team/streamer and… it doesn’t cost millions or thousands to do so.

I played for a newly created organization a while back and was paid $250 a month, another player was paid $100/month and the other three were not paid. Being paid, we did have some responsibilities. The organization was created by a single guy, paid out of his pocket, and we simply competed under his org name. Although small, the orgs discord, streams and other socials were fairly active. People connected and became friends and are still friends years later.

If this guy can create and run an org solo, I’m not convinced that StormX would not be able to, even if it went through the community but that just seems really weird to me. Having the community budget pay for something that may as well benefit the entire company is odd.

Anyways, I’m down to keep discussing this. More discussing = more understanding from all parties :slight_smile:

I will comment more in depth later today, but i would like to say good job Yoko on the really well put together proposal, atleast from a “coming with information” point of view. You did really well.

Anyways - i think if we did partner with / create our own team, one way to drive value is to have a fan nft mint avaiable through the stormX App.

The nft sale/u.i is controlels by stormx, the nft art creation and fan utility is designes by the esports team, and the user logs into the app, does XYZ checklist, to unlock whitelisting for the nft.

This drives non crypto people to think about crypto via supporting there team with nft purchase.

It also drives eyes to the app, and does it in a user acquisition syatem that we dont normally have.

Something similar to the “sup son?” Nft release via stormX before, but fan/team first, with utility also involved. This doesnt have to be stormX utility but could be discount on merch or premium discord channels etc

Thanks & looking forward to your post later today!

I think you introduce an interesting idea with the NFTs. Could owning a StormX esports NFT provide additional benefits to the owners? That would be pretty cool. As mentioned before, gamers are not afraid to show that they are super fans, especially they get little bonuses out of it.

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Well the nfts could have utility, but i think adding the utility inside of the storm ecosystem wouldn’t be ideal. Atleast, if there is storm utility, it should be extremely minimal. The nft should provide utility to the esports groups fans.

Lets say we sponsor a pre exisisting team. Lets call the team 123abc.

123abc creates a merch site. Stormx lists the merch site with cryptocashback discounts.
Then stormX provides a nft launchpad for 123abc.
123abc’s fans are curious about the nft but arent sure. The way to capture there interest is below.

123abc asks storm to embed some utility into it, such as whitelialsting for merch drops, private discord channels, private digital fan meet ups (zoom), raffeled exclusive merch to nft holders, private play time with or against the team.

Revenue streams are nft purchases, re sales via royalties, user acquisitions, and user retention.

I agree that the utility should be provided to the supporters and not necessarily within the StormX ecosystem but could be at a minimal level, as you mentioned.

Those are some great ways to reward supports of the team that are holding the NFTs.

I like that you brought NFTs into this. I’m not the biggest NFT user but if it provides utility to the owner, that is something I can get on board with.

Overall, if all of this came to existence, I’d recommend starting small, slow with no real risk of anything going wrong. With that said, I personally wouldn’t work with an existing team that is already competing a high levels. I’d suggest finding a smaller unknown team and building something together. Building something together creates a more loyal and dedicated group.

I like metrics. The StormX bot on twitter reflects that from September 2022 to October 2022, StormX gained 208 rewards members for the month. If we use 200 new members as an average per month, StormX gains 2,400 new rewards members per year. It looks like the bot will reflect a negative amount of users gained so it’s safe to say that 2,400 a year includes any members that discontinue.

With that said, let’s say in theory, with StormX esports/streamers, the average users per month gained reaches 230, That’s a yearly amount of 2,760 or a 15% increase from 2,400. This example only reflects a flat average amount and does not account for any growth whatsoever.

So… what if it grows by 300 a month on average? That is only 100 people more than Sept-Oct 2022 was reflecting. It’d be 3,600 a year or a 50% increase.

Keep in mind that the more people join StormX, the more that will join when friends of friends of friends tell each other about it. So I would expect these numbers to grow more than what was presented here, just not sure of the timeline and all of that. Obviously it’s advantageous to grow sooner than later and this entire proposal is just one idea to support with that goal.

I really like how much you are putting into this idea and the idea itself. I’m trying to figure out how governance can help further the idea along. In one sense, StormX Team is always listening to users and their community and has implemented suggestions and ideas that the community generates. However, the team runs fairly tight on spare time so any suggestion and idea has to be such that it can easily be integrated into and within the centralized direction the core team is directing StormX. If the idea is to have StormX take up this suggestion and to implement it, that is likely going to be a more difficult ask because it is asking for time, money and more importantly attention away from other objections and goals that StormX Team has. In this scenario, governance can only really express to the StormX Team that there is a preference in the community for them to do something. But this ‘something’ will still need to compete with other goals and objectives and in the final analysis might still never occur.

However, what I was proposing in my initial response is that if this proposal can be developed and implemented by the community, then whatever cost for the proposal could be approved by the community as a group via a governance vote. The funding could be done via the community wallet and since it would be implemented, managed and funded by the community, once approved, it would be executed without having to be competing with other initiatives and goals of StormX Team. Following the governance path and community funding, the only scenario I could envision where a well developed proposal and vote for approval would not result in the implementation of the proposal would be where the StormX Team itself was already pursuing something in the arena.

I know we’re all trying to figure out the ins and outs of governance and what is possible in the space, but from my best understanding, governance is to provide direction/feedback back to the team on discretionary questions/matters but it is also to perform tasks and accomplish things together as a community. We have a mechanism for funding that second part and so community proposals are a means for us to contribute our collective talents, abilities and networks to further all things StormX.

Well, one example of how all the above COULD be done without the team spending time is;

  1. Creating our own team (reduces compliance and logistical overhead, reduces cost significantly)
  2. Nfts can be minted on another nft minting wenlbsite instead of in app.
    3.collabland bot can be used for nft discord integration.
  3. Funding can be used for merch giveaways, and $$ giveaways. Thus essnetislly falling under marketing /customer aquisition cost.

The nft idea could easily be dropped, as there isnt a user base to try to appeal to.

The only real problem with making it community based is;

  1. Skill of stormX esports team
  2. Time Commitment /reliability of stormX esports team
  3. Path to revenue / path for user acquisition
  4. Funding model

It’s good to point out that StormX has various things they are working on already and any new projects would compete with those things with cost, time, etc.

I guess it seems that governance works in a similar way as a high school club would work. A club has an idea to benefit the club and the school, they write a proposal, and if approved, they receive some funding, space or something that they were seeking. The club would generally organize the entirety of their event or idea as you have mentioned here.

The idea of creating our own team might be something to consider. Label it a community team and nothing more. No pay. No admin stuff. Just allow this community team to utilize StormX name officially so that they can get some referrals.

The problems listed above are spot on with a community team.

The skill might not exactly be top tier, but it could be fun and the team would still be entertaining to watch. Gamers game, so the reliability shouldn’t be an issue (hopefully) as long as you get some real gamers lol

Revenue ---- well yeah, there wouldn’t be any likely beyond some referrals that may connect. But to be fair, we can’t expect any revenue if there’s no money or effort being put into it. I’m okay with that. The title of this proposal mentions community engagement, brand awareness, credibility and user retention. I do think a community team supports all of these, except providing credibility to StormX. It will help with brand awareness, probably at a minimal level unless StormX announces that we have a community team and to tune in to streams or whatever. Even then, StormX doesn’t have a great reach to their audience (in my opinion), but it helps.

Funding? Don’t need any with a community team. Make some people official StormX gamers and let them bring people in through gaming.

Maybe with this community team model, it can be demonstrated to StormX that they SHOULD invest their efforts in this space.

Also… just thought of this and I had to edit the post lol But we could do community tournaments for games that are crossplay. We can utilize these to bring people to StormX as well but also have some actual fun within the community. Could have a bi-weekly thing go on where we select a crossplay game, randomize teams, no entry fee for anyone, but we could utilize $100 from the community fund for each event and reward the winners, etc. Just a thought.

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Whatever makes the community cohesive again. Its been pretty fractured lately. Or atleast, thats how i feel.

If its a community game night, or a esports team, whatever works. It has my vote

Yeah I think you’ve got the idea about what governance can do. I’m generally in favor of pretty much anything at this point in time that would be community generated and would be well run and executed. One component of StormX governance is the growth and development of community proposals. I won’t get into a long explanation of why they need to happen, but I think we can all see that there are positives in their development. You’re right that there doesn’t necessarily have to be any upfront money or proposal to do what you’re suggesting. But I am enticed by the idea of select members of our community banding together, developing an idea and a proposal and being paid for that work and also being paid for their execution of a plan for both community growth/development and also community engagement. We have the space and capacity to grow and develop something outside of the centralized nature/structure of StormX Team so I’d love to see us do something like that.


I agree that the community just doesn’t feel wholesome at this time. This discussion may look to bridge that gap. Stronger community leads to more discussions which of course leads to potential improvements around StormX.

I’m down for a team to rise out of the community.

What does the next step look like?

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Well if ita a community based team, we need to find players, timezones, and devices we all play on

Could simply make a channel for this and have everyone list their info for those interested in being part of this team. But need to be clear that this is for the community team.

What do you play on?
Most played games?


But I think before this, we’d need a vote? Is it possible to vote on proceeding to a stage 2 with this idea? Stage 2 would include further detailed information and then we can place a final vote before implementing the community team. Maybe? lol

If/when this team comes together and you would like to get StormX support via official channels and/or funding from the community, please let me know. I’d be more than happy to lend whatever organizational support I can to help bring it to an official proposal. You of course don’t have to go that route, but my role is to help facilitate and develop community initiatives/proposals, so if you want me to help in that capacity I’d be more than happy to do so.

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Is it as simple as me reaching out and seeing who would be interested and just making the team myself? Then proceeding with next steps?

Yeah, I think that’d probably be the best next step. Build your esports team that would be hosting/creating the content and then once you think you have that team formed, let me know. I’d be happy to discuss with that group via a group chat what I can offer in terms of how to turn your team into something that could be a proposal for the team to review and the community to vote on. You can touch base with jgb on a little bit on how that works. We worked together to create a proposal on staking via a combination of discussion here on Discourse and then via DMs to get a proposal drafted that he was on board with and that I felt would be worthy of presentation to the team.

Okay well i play on xbox predominately.
But i do have a gaming p.c.

My xbox/pc gamertag is “BLAIR 007”
My steam user name, not so sure.

I play relatively all games, im generally good at them. I do not play high level sport games but i will play indie sports and racing games.

Play the most? Well i do change games all the time. I find enjoyment in playing ALOT of titles at once.
Fortnite i do play often though.

I would likely play whatever game the other users are playing, hopefully cross platform games - somore users can join in.

all of this being said, we dont have to play competitive games always. There are many viewers who enjoy cooperative games and obscure single player games.

Add me on xbox! lol @Yokosume

Only thing I play on PC is LoL. Otherwise, I tend to stick to Ark, Paladins and Apex on xbox. But I’m open to other games as long as we are playing together, I think it’d be fun.

And yes, agreed on the last statement you mentioned. All games are welcome I’d say.