Proposal for StormX to Produce an Annual Report / State of the Community report

I think it would be very useful for StormX to do something like an annual report on how many members there are, how active they are, what the plans are for the next year, etc.

There are some metircs already covered in the stmx twitter bots. We should defintly get some forward looking statements about 2023 and stuff.

As for community related spotlight we all need to give a round of applause to @seviche.
Hes been very helpful for a long time now. But yes i agree some sort of user acknowledgement is good. Not sure if it would create many benefits besides community morale maybe

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I feel like what you’re asking for are maybe two separate things. So I’ll try to separate them and respond accordingly:

  1. Annual Report on Metrics - As jgb mentioned, there is a Twitter bot that tracks some of this information. Besides this information, what other information would you like to know? I also want to mention that I think StormX does need to be somewhat careful on what metrics can/should be shared because there could be competitive advantages lost in the sharing of too much information.

  2. Plans for Next Year - What are the kinds of things you’d like to see in this kind of announcement? I do want us as a community to be mindful that StormX has done something like this in the past and it usually is well received, however, it has also served as a negative thing as time has passed. Community usually receives the plans well and get excited, however, if/when goals/plans are either not met or are achieved late, the plans then end up being used to shame the team that drafted the plans and this tends to demoralize the community. So I’m curious to consider if there is something that we can both ask of the team that has more of the benefits of knowing future plans while avoiding some of the pitfalls and demoralization that have occurred in the sharing of plans in the past.


I thought I’d chime in as the creator of the StormX Statistics Twitter bot that has already been mentioned.

(Bot link for anyone interested:

As has been pointed out, we have some metrics posted daily. This has been updated over the year but as it currently stands, we have the following metrics posted daily:

  • Rewards members (along with daily increases)
  • STMX TVL (along with USD value)
  • ATH TVL (along with USD value)
  • Unswapped STMX

We also have Monthly and Yearly reports that highlight how much the above metrics have progressed for said month/year.

That partially covers that but progress is continuous. This could very well be improved, both in what metrics we track and how we display it. I’ve thought of ways such as a dashboard but we already have a dashboard on the staking page. Unless you’re thinking of a dashboard that lets you compare metrics across 2 arbitrary dates but that’s it’s own can of worms in terms of consistent data storage (Ends up taking a lot to save every point in time, even if you keep it hourly) - Still a project I’m exploring.

I’d also personally like a vendor metrics added to the bot, unfortunately this source is not as easily available to access as others. I’ve had a potential way I’ve been exploring but haven’t had time to fully exhaust as of yet.

If anyone else has any ideas for the bot (I’ve already had some ideas), I’m more than eager to hear them!

“how active they are” - We first have to define what we mean by active. Active on Discord? Active claiming cashback on the app? Active in withdrawing crypto? Active by opening the app and starting a shopping trip? Once we define this metric, we have to explore 2 questions:

  1. How feasible is this to implement? (Assuming the team tracks the thing in question - They probably track certain elements but either don’t or can’t track others [such as Discord activity, to some extent])
  2. How would this benefit the community and/or StormX? I personally am interested in some of these metrics, such as percentage of withdrawals to the crypto withdrawn (Simon mentioned at one point a year or so ago that 90%+ of withdrawals were in STMX which has me interested in what the other withdrawals were like) however, there are some that I think aren’t worth the effort. To take one of my examples above, I don’t think knowing how many people start a shopping trip is particularly interesting on its own, but by its definition it contributes to ‘Active members’

“what the plans are for the next year” - The feedback on team communication and interaction with the community has been an important one provided by a lot of members for as long as I can remember. This is something the team have been taken on board and have been trying things to address. One notable way that everyone is aware of is @SVCE being appointed Governance Token Community Lead, which has massively increased team interaction in my opinion as @SVCE does an absolutely smashing job being the community’s medium.
My overall point is that feedback on team communication is still valid but my next question is: In what format? Producing an annual report with plans for the next year seems a bit of a strange format to choose when we have blog posts, social media accounts, Discord, biweekly governance calls, email newsletters, a YouTube channel, etc. (Just to name a few)
I feel it is better to utilise these methods rather than make a whole new one. I am keen to know the thoughts of others on this topic as a whole but the immediate question on my mind is what can we ask of the team to utilise our current channels more effectively.

etc. - If I could suggest a metric, I think it would be great to have a personalized EOY recap for each member. Spotify has been doing this for years and it always generates buzz among social circles (People sharing reports going “Look how much of X artist or Y genre I listened to this year!”) Other companies (such as Twitch, Leetify, etc.) have jumped on this in recent years and I only see the recap scene getting bigger.

For StormX, it could be something like - For 2023, X user claimed $Y amount of cashback. Your biggest store was Z, your most frequented store was A, your staking amount was B, etc.

But even though I’d like to see this, with everything StormX has on its plate at the moment, I have to question whether or not they’d go for this (The team should have all the data stored that they’d need for this but it would still take some time, effort and resource to implement)

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