Proposal: LP Mining Incentive Program #1

Liquidity Mining Incentive Program proposal lives here and is open for comments Launch Liquidity Mining Incentive Program #1 - Google Docs

The general goal is to improve everyone’s ability to increase or decrease their Athens (ATH) governance power via the Uniswap liquidity pool by incentivizing more people to add their own liquidity. Pools include both ATH-STMX and ATH-ETH.

I have a few questions:

  1. Do we have a time frame when we’re aiming to have this proposal up on snapshot for a vote?
  2. If approved, how long would it take for the incentive to be active?
  3. Will there be a window for people to add liquidity to the pool that will close and then the 4 week time period will run, or will people be able to add liquidity during the whole incentive period?
  4. If the addition of liquidity during the whole incentive period is the methodology, will there be weighting of incentive to address the time an individual’s liquidity spends in the the pool?
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Great questions

  1. I’m thinking sometime in later June. That will give us some time to continue discussions for at least 1-2 more governance calls and to have discussions on Discourse. The launch of the actual program won’t happen exactly when the vote ends since we have some final engineering to complete.
  2. We’re estimating two weeks of testing.
  3. You can add liquidity anytime during the 4 weeks.
  4. Correct the weighting depends on how much everyone adds. Your reward is relative to everyone additional liquidity. For example, if Calvin adds 100 and Alex adds 100 at the exact same time for the 4 full weeks. We’d receive 50% of the rewards each.