Proposal: Snapshot Voting Weight Improvements

During the governance call this week it was mentioned that we should allow Snapshot to read ATH for people that have an Uniswap LP NFT for one of our pools. Lets discuss!

How feasible is doing this and if it is feasible, what are some options? I would be in favor of people not losing their ability to use their ATH for voting on an ongoing basis if they are part of an ongoing LP.

I do think this is something to look into! The people that actually interact with ATH are also the voters I think. And losing voting power because of liquidity mining shouldn’t be the case IMO!
@alex is this even possible and if so, could this be gamed?

LP providers should be able to vote. i believe snapshot can read LP positions. other projects i use that are EVM compatible, have ways of recognizing LP positions on snapshot.

lets make sure this happens.

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I agree that we should handle this. Currently, I don’t believe we do, but can work on recognizing this. For the LP Mining Incentive Program we wouldn’t run this during a snapshot vote so its less of an issue. But still possible that some LPers would be affected.

Allowing LP tokens to vote in Snapshot - #14 by nick.eth - General Discussion - ENS DAO Governance Forum I noticed this discussion online also, the same topic as we are discussing now! Some good POV in here.
Personal opinion, I think LP also contributes to the overall, and not only for its own gain. Because of this, I think we should include LP tokens in the voting mechanism.

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LP positions and staking ahould be included as the users shouldnt be made unvocal for supporting.
I agree.

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@planet67 that’s well-phrased also and I agree, that we shouldn’t punish people for participating in our ecosystem!

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Could we not configure to count LP tokens AND regular tokens?