StormX Community Site Proposal

I was wondering if there was an interest from the community in developing an official StormX community site. The purpose of the community site would be a place for users to view and promote active cashback stores within the StormX app, and to share their shopping experiences. Ideally the official StormX site would include some of the features I’m suggesting below, but if the community would like to build it, then we as a community can take the load off the StormX Dev team while they work on other features.

If we would be interested in a community project of this scale, what sort of features would you like to see?

Some possible features I can think of would be:

Store Finder

This would be a separate app that’s available on the site. The default mode is to display all stores in a paginated format. Filterable options would include: Country, Store Type (Entertainment, Clothing, Food Gaming…), Cashback Rate, Popularity. Each store result would link out to the external store page and also provide an internal link to the StormX Community Review page for that store.

Personal Feeds

A personal page of sorts to share shopping experiences with the community in the form of a micro-blog. Depending on availability of data, it could retrieve information about your shopping experiences from the StormX API. A custom trophy system unique to the community site could also be made available for bragging rights (cash back acquired, number of times shopped, member reward tier duration etc)

Store Reviews

A dedicated review page for each of the stores that are providing cash back. Users could leave reviews about their shopping experience at the specific store, and any notable deals they have found within that store. It could also be a place to flag issues with tracking, so that users could filter store lists by the most successfully tracked stores (crowd-sourced rating system). Users and StormX staff will also be able to see the stores that have the most problems being tracked.

I think this feature provides value to both the community and the StormX developers, in the form of a crowd-sourced diagnosis tool, not just for the most successful stores, but also for the most problematic stores that need attention.

These are just some examples, maybe we could flesh them out some more, but would really like to see what the wider community thinks about such a project. What features would you find beneficial?

I can only say much respect for the initiative and it sounds like a really nice idea.

Have only 2 question:
Who is going to fund this Community Site development?
Would it be a separate website or inside the STMX website?

We have discussed the idea of a community wallet, and I believe this is the way to go to fund development and also maintenance and running of the site. The wallet would be used to fund labor costs (development and marketing). I don’t think we have an actual wallet at the moment, nor is there a mechanism in place to send funds to it, so this would be the first step.

We could vote on if this project should be a standalone community domain or a subdomain as part of ( If that’s not possible, we can discuss potential domain names to vote for. Although this part may be susceptible to domain squatting if we’re throwing out potential domain names, so being inside the STMX website would probably be the path of least resistance. It would make it much simpler if we could use StormX’s infrastructure (hosting), and then all we need to think about is funding the development / running costs.

Well define the concept of a community wallet in a sense who would be pouring the money? Increased supply would be kind of a fair way tbh (aka the team providing the funds in general) or is it actual community members donating for this cause?

As discussed with @HansTheGreat and @SVCE last night on Discord, the community wallet is provided by the team, so it would be expected that funding could be used from this wallet to build the community site.

This is an excerpt from the closing of the STORM to STMX swap proposal:

After the current token swap is closed the unswapped tokens will be added to a wallet used to support ongoing community activities. This could be used for shopping, staking, debit card rewards, or other community events.

It’s from this wallet we would decide how much of those funds could be allocated to this project.

For reference, here is the community wallet address.

I understand the funds have since been transferred to another wallet. Can we please confirm what the current status is of the community wallet (has it changed address, and how much of the funds are still available for community projects/events?) @alex