StormX L2 Options & Potential Vote

In order to provide relief for some of the pain points tied to the L1, Ethereum, that StormX is built upon, StormX is looking to implement an L2 solution. The core team at StormX has done some preliminary due diligence as there are numerous L2 options that currently exist for Ethereum. The core team has identified three viable options that they’d be comfortable using for an L2 solution. Those three options are:

1. Polygon-Matic
2. Base
3. Arbitrum

Ultimately we want to present two solutions to the community to vote on early in 2024. The winner of that vote will be the L2 that StormX selects to use for implementation. However, we also want to invite the community to provide some feedback and input on this decision. The core team will make the final decision on the two choices that will be put to a governance vote, but will take feedback and input during the interim period between now and when this is put to a vote in early 2024

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Well one thing to really understand or to be aware of is the difference in Optimistic rollups vs zero knowledge rollups (ZKs).

Base chain is a optimism super chain- chain. Thus it uses optimistic roll ups.

Arbitrum and matic both use ZK rollups.

At a glance i know arbitrum has a large DAO, which alligns to our governance vision especially with athens. Arbitrum tokens were airdropped to users in a more fair distrubution model.

Polygon/matic was a IEO-d token known as poly on binance. This may present issues if bsc/ binance go under massive scrutiny. This is not to say that the other chains are scott free either.

Base has no token as of yet, and its operated by coinbase - which is a regualted public company that is onshored. This is a large boon in my opinion.

It is worth noting that the bridge solution i have suggested previously, which would be free of charge , does offer eth l1 to arb/base/op/matic/zksync and a few others.

So i think these 3 choices are great solid choices.
I believe base is likely our best bet gping forward.

Additional notes : base does have the verified user attestation thing, this could be eventually mandatory for alot of things on base if regulatory pressure is high enough. Not necessarily a bad thing, but definitly somethong to take note of.

Also, a deep dive into the next 3 year roadmap of these networks is a great idea to better understand which is best.

Should the team decide to launch on multiple L2s - wanchain can do that aswell. L2 to l2 and l2 to l1. No problem. Im essentially a ambassador for them and have been with them since 2019