What should we vote on Snapshot next? Add A New Withdrawal Token or LP Mining Incentive Program

During the governance community call this past Tuesday, June 21, 2022, we discussed how now might not be the optimal time to launch an LP Mining Incentive Program because of the recent change in macro conditions. The goal for any LP Mining Program is to have as many liquidity providers as possible contribute to the Athens (ATH) pool on Uniswap.

If not LP Mining then what?

Finding community consensus early is critical for saving time, effort, and generally good decision-making for governance projects. One way to do this is to have a “temperature check” or “soft poll” just like many of the governance projects do such as Uniswap Temperature Check.

On the call the community discussed an alternative vote to add a new Withdrawal Token to the app. This may help encourage other token communities to engage with the StormX ecosystem since they can earn their own project’s token. There is already a lively discussion on what token we could add next in this thread.

Let’s discuss and poll our community!

Soft Poll Vote: Add Token vs. LP Mining
  • Add New Withdrawal Token
  • LP Mining Incentive Program

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I’d agree that current conditions might make LP Mining a little bit more risky, at the moment.

I think a discussion around a new withdrawal token is a great topic to be focusing efforts on next. I believe a lot of different suggestions have been brought up under this + I can’t remember when the last addition was. With the new members we’ve been onboarding, working toward a new community-agreed upon withdrawal token would solidify the community’s involvement with StormX. (Also, as you say, opens the doors to engaging with other token communities)

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Exactly and it looks like there’s some good engagement going on the other proposal thread for withdrawal tokens now.

Closing this topic since we’ve reviewed the results during today’s community call. We’re moving forward with a soft poll next Friday. Everyone is welcome to add the tokens they want to be listed here Proposal: Add New Token To Withdrawal List - #2 by GoldBoi