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We have so many sites that offer cash back rewards, but we are missing the bigger A-listers.
I think ebay is huge and very grateful for that one! But we need to get some more big names!
Obviously, Amazon would be a game changer for StormX.
As a holder… how can we help?

There isn’t a whole lot users can do to help add a shop like Amazon. As simple as it sounds, when users use the app, they provide data that is helpful to show to merchants that there is a community/network that is interested in receiving cashback offers. Of course this does have its limit, but growing users and growing user activity are important steps. But as far as activitely asking stores to be a part of StormX, that is something the shop team is always working on, but a lot of times if a shop says ‘not now’ that means it just takes more time for them to reconsider joining at possibly a later date.