Closing STMX V1 to STMX V2 Token Swap

On November 16th, 2022, we opened the STMX V1 > V2 swap. The reason for this swap was due to Ethereum’s upgrade to POS. When we opened the swap, we committed to keeping it open until the Voyager community would gain access to their funds. With this having now occurred, we would like to have a vote to close the STMX V1 - STMX V2 swap. At the time of writing, we swapped 9,032,152,265 tokens, meaning a little over 90% of the supply has been swapped. Keeping the swap open indefinitely is not an option because StormX must maintain the contract. Numerous hours are being spent maintaining and adding additional tokens to the swap wallet.

The vote will be simple; Are you in favor of closing the swap or not?

  1. I am in favor of closing the swap. The swap will be closed on the 30th of November.
  2. I am not in favor of closing the swap. The swap will stay open until we vote for it again.

I am looking to start a dialogue on Discourse for the next two weeks. On November 14, 2023, the vote will go active on SnapShot. We already have governance calls set up so we will dedicate time during these calls to discuss. The voting will close on November 28, 2023, at 16:00 UTC

Just to preface, I am a fan of closing the swap this year. I also believe this vote will end up in favour of closing (90% of tokens have been swapped so most people voting will have already swapped and hence, will probably lean toward closing it)

My concern is we’re effectively giving 2 days notice after the vote closes (If the vote closes on the 28th and we close swapping) - Vote results normally take a bit to drip through the team’s social channels. If someone misses the official announcement and comes back after 3 days, that’s a pretty sour taste in their mouths.

Could be another option or could update the date on option 1 but I’d say we should give a fair amount of time. I’d be in favour of 2 weeks over 2 days. I appreciate it has been a year but

  1. The idea of tokens being migrated is not that common of one and the news only really travels in certain circles (e.g. - You’re majorly in the loop on Discord or Twitter or if you watch exchanges that have been putting out news about the migration but if you’re not a Discord/Twitter user and you’re a cold storage user/someone who doesn’t like exchanges, you could very well miss it)
  2. I can’t see 12 extra days being that much more work than 2 days would but it may massively help the 10% of unswapped tokens who are probably currently under the illusion that there’s no deadline in sight (I think today is the first day a real potential deadline has been announced by the team)

Interested in the thoughts of others!

I never swapped. What happens to my V1 tokens? Mine are in a Trust Wallet account.

I never swapped to v2. Because I swapped 1st time. But few days ago I realized that there is new swap. I always hold coin for long term on my personal wallet. So after 1st time swapping I didn’t notice anything. Even I didn’t receive any mail about new swap. It will be very helpful if STROMX team open swap again. I don’t wanna loose my coin. :pleading_face: