Please reopen swap 🙏

never swapped to v2. Because I swapped 1st time. But few days ago I realized that there is new swap. I always hold coin for long term on my personal wallet. So after 1st time swapping I didn’t notice anything. Even I didn’t receive any mail about new swap. It will be very helpful if STROMX team open swap again. I don’t wanna loose my coin. :face_holding_back_tears:

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Same here. Didn’t see the email and I never need to swap other tokens, so I never think about this. What can we do at this point?

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I would like to support this. Missed the swap sadly

There’s currently no plans to reopen the swap so at this point, unfortunately nothing people can do. I have no idea if it’ll be considered - Haven’t really seen any official announcement commenting on it, in light of recent surge of people asking.

There was a vote to do manual swaps for those who got in contact before the deadline but didn’t manage to swap and that passed: Snapshot

So who knows?
Then again, I’m not a team member so no promises. The Governance community manager passed on the feedback to the team that some people had asked with a potential suggestion that a vote could be opened so really up to the team from this point onwards. But again, no promises.

Let me get this straight…the “team” decides if a vote gets approved or not, but “blame” the outcome of any vote on the community?

Best thing we, as early investors, can do at this point is spread the word and warn other investors about this.